What is Couchsurfing? 5 Best Things and advice for safety

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Everyone has a dream to travel the world at least once in a lifetime. some people fulfill their dreams by traveling the world. but not everyone has that level of money savings with them. However, they have a passion to travel. As a result, people started finding the solution to this problem. And someone came up with the solution called ‘Couchsurfing’. So what is Couchsurfing? is it safe? How does it work? these are some random questions travelers ask about Couchsurfing. Apart from that, we will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of Couchsurfing.

What is couchsurfing? how it started?

The meaning of Couchsurfing is making arrangements for sleep and staying at other people’s homes temporarily. In 1999, A computer programmer and passionate traveler Casey Fenton conceived this concept of Couchsurfing. He developed the website with the domain name couchsurfing.com on 12 June 1999.

After the development, the website launched in 2004. At that time, Leonardo Silveira, Dan offers, and Sabastian Le Tuan was the team with Casey Fenton. Firstly, It was started as a non-profit organization. then it changed in the for-profit organization in 2011 to resolve the financial issues.

 what is couchsurfing
Stay anywhere in the world

How does couchsurfing work?

Couchsurfing is a website and application platform for travelers where they can create their profiles on-site and stay with the locals in their home, save the accommodation expenses while traveling. This website gives you access to use the local host’s hospitality.

There are three options given to users. firstly, you can be the host, and secondly, be a traveler. lastly, be a community member. Being a host you can host a traveler from various places and provide hospitality at yours home. on another side, you can be a traveler and stay at a host’s home anywhere in the world. In the last, the platform has meetups and events where you can attend meetups with people having the same interests.

Is Couchsurfing free?

It started as a free platform first, but after 20 years, in 2020 it became a paid platform now. so, it’s not a free platform now. However, you don’t have to pay the charges to the host for staying at their homes. The rule is you have to pay a small number of charges to use the Couchsurfing platform.

The member must have to pay either monthly or yearly charges. monthly charges are US$ 2 and yearly charges are US$15. Also, members can pay a one-time fee which is US$60 to verify their identity. their name, their address, for instance. It gives you premium security on the platform.

Is this platform safe ?

This community platform is very safe for members, travelers, and hosts for sure. There are so many experiences of travelers they shared on social networks and even on this platform where they said that the hospitality of hosts is so warm and safe. Even female travelers who are traveling solo shared the same experiences with their hosts. Apart from that, if you are new to this platform you check the profiles and references of hosts for your assurance.

In other words, platforms have the facility to communicate with the hosts, referrers, and other members to choose the right hosts for you.

Couchsurfing meetups
Couchsurfing meetups

Benefits of Couchsurfing

  • The first and most important thing that it is money saving. It saves your costs of accommodation which is way expensive sometimes it is expensive than flights.
  • You get to stay with the locals and get access to their kitchen. So that you can make your own food and save money on food.
  • You get the chance to meet other travelers by joining the meetups and have fun with them.
  • You get to know the places which are not known to tourists. The local host takes you to that underrated places and you may see new things and have different experiences.
  • You get to know the real culture and heritage of the places and bonds may become stronger between you and the hosts. which lasts in friendships.

Some advice and tips to be a good couchsurfer

  • Fill your profile completely with verifying your identification process. It may give assurance to the hosts and they accept your request easily.
  • Try to learn the local language of destinations before going there. it is useful to interact with the hosts and other locals.
  • Try to make things clean in-home or kitchen if you are using any stuff.
  • Bringing a gift to the host’s home is a gesture of kindness. although it is not compulsory it gives you a chance to get interact with people living in that home.
  • Try to make your stay shorter at the host home one or two days’ lodging is enough at one time. which is beneficial for your bonding with the hosts.

Alternative websites for Couchsurfing

  1. Movingworlds
  2. Trustroots
  3. Bewelcome
  4. Airbnb
  5. Trustedhousesitter

These are some similar platforms where you may have the same facilities while traveling.

Couchsurfing is available in every country in the world. If you find this information useful then share this with others and give us feedback below. and comment if you like.

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