Tangier – Where 2 huge continents Europe and Africa meet

Tangier, morocco
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Tangier or Tanger as per the western pronunciation or Tanjah, according to the Arabic pronunciation. whatever you wanna say. It is the point from where you can see two continents meeting each other. Then what’s the meaning of the name Tangier ?. according to etymonline, it came from king atlas’s daughter name Tingis. It came from Latin references.

The ethnicity of Tangier, Morocco is most probably white which is above 95 percent, and Asian around 2-3 percent. The main religion followed by the people is Islam. The population of Tangiers is around 1 million. Moroccan Arabic is the official language of the city. People also speak Berber French. Because of the historical Spanish influences, many people speak Spanish. people know English a little bit here.

The currency of Morocco is Moroccan Dirham in which 1 US dollar = 9.04 Moroccon dirhams according to current rates.

night view of tangier city
experience of living with local people is so beautiful

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History of Tangier

The first reference of Tangiers was found in the 10th century BCE. It was a Phoenician colony until the 8th century BCE.

After that, many empires tried to succeed to invade Tangiers. Portugues won the battle of tangier and colonized this city in 1471 for expansion. After the Portuguese, a lot of invasions happened on tangier. For instance, English invasions in 1661, and then Spanish forces invaded this city in 1940.

Finally, in 1956, Morocco got its independence, and the city become part of it.

Tangiers on Map

Location of  Tangier city
Location of Tangier
map of morocco
Map of Morocco With its city names

The city is situated at the northwest border on the Maghreb coast of Morocco country. The city has important because of its strategic location. it is close to the Strait of Gibraltar. The strait of Gibraltar connects two oceans Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea.

This city is the Center point between Two huge continents Africa and Europe. You experience the view of this coastal city with your eyes. Basically, tangier is the northern end for Africa and beginning at south for Europe

The city shares its borders with Asilah city at the south and with Spain at the north. The climate of the Tangiers supports its tourism industry because the city has an average temperature of 17 degrees celsius and rain falls a little. as a result, You can plan your tours during any season.

Transport facility in city

Ibn Battuta Airport is the main airport of Morocco. It is just 14 km away from the city center. It takes just 25 minutes from the airport to the city by car. there’s public bus transport in every 30 min facility too. but you have to walk from the airport to the intersect of airport street route and national highway 1. this will take around 25 minutes to reach the center of the city.

There is another option of public transport which can reach you faster called Grand Taxi. it is famous transportation in morocco which includes six passengers and its prices are low. Tangier city tour bus service gives you a one-day tour of the city.

You can also rent a car for city tours. Ferry tours services are available for tourists.

grand taxi morocco
Grand taxi morocco

The city is known for its architecture. This city is called the white city. Apart from that, It is famous for its royal residence in morocco. Because of its variety in historical events. In other words, a mixture of cultures occurred in this city. Because of the influence of western and Arabic cultures the modern architecture looks like a fusion of both cultures. The city is famous for its Mint tea, people who live here love mint tea. You should try it once.

List of places to visit

Caves of hercules

Hercules caves, tangier
caves of Hercules, Tangiers

These caves are situated at cape Spartel which is 14 km from the Tangiers at the west. It’s very interesting to see the internal structures of these caves. One gate of this cave opens to the sea and another gate to the land. The opening which opens at the sea is called ‘The map of Africa. According to Wikipedia Phoenicians made these caves.

Tomb of Ibn Butouta

It’s a tomb of a scholar of morocco ibn battuta. He traveled 72000 miles in Africa, Asia, and Europe. After that, he spread his knowledge to others. The site is closed and there’s not much to see. But it has historical importance.

Kasbah Museum

Kasbah museum
kasbah museum, tangiers

This museum contains things of the prehistoric age to the 19th century from Mediterranean cultures. Maps of trade routes to Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Mosaic of venus is the main highlight of this museum.

Achakkar Beach

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Achakkar beach, tangier

It is just 20 km from the city center. However, tourists go there every weekend and enjoy their weekends with locals.

some other places are you can visit by using the local bus tours.

  • Tangier American Legation Museum
  • Cape Spartel
  • Grand Socco
  • Park Rmilat


Many hotels provide you with the services. you can just check online for booking hotels according to your planning. hostels are also available in the city if you are looking for a budget-friendly stay. Apart from that, If you are a couch surfer, then there are many hosts for Couchsurfing too. so you just have to check online or install the applications and you will get information about these facilities.


People have so many doughts about traveling in tangier, morocco. firstly, tangier is very safe for travel solo or with your group. In fact, it is safe for women who are traveling solo too. Above all, although it’s a Muslim country there is no restriction on alcohol. you can enjoy yourself in bars or nightclubs if you interest in the nightlife of Tangier islands. Shisha and hookah of tangier is famous in the region

Explore your destinations in Tangiers, make your own stories, search your inspirations in tangier city outlets. Find some interesting people in this port city.

If you like this information, please give us feedback that we can improve and give you the best information about travel the destinations.

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