Tamhini Ghat – Best place for trekking in monsoon

Tamhini ghat
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Tamhini Ghat is named on its village Tamhini and ghat mean mountain pass. This beautiful place is located in the west Sahyadri mountain range. The ghat is called the ‘heaven of nature’ because of its beautiful scenery, foggy deep valleys, and the narrow road that goes like a snake. The scenery looks like heaven on earth that is the reason why the tourist come to visit the location. This place did not exist before. but there was a need for the additional route which connects Pune to the Konkan region. that’s when this route was proposed.

Is Tamhini ghat safe to visit

Many tourists and trekkers share their experiences on social media platforms. according to them, Tamhini ghat is not safe for newcomers or trekkers with no experience. Apart from that, roads are very dangerous because of their snaky turns. They become more dangerous when the atmosphere is foggy and roads are slippery in the monsoon. But if you have experience in riding on this kind of road you love the entire experience of the ghat.

In addition, there is no facility for your bike repair and services. so it would be good if you service your vehicle before going there.

the foggy atmosphere in Tamhini ghat
The foggy atmosphere in Ghat

where is this place exactly situated?

The ghat is situated near the Pune district in Maharashtra state, India. It is a mountain pass located between Two villages called Mulshi and Tamhini. it is a part of the Western Sahyadri mountain range. It’s 54 km from Pune city which takes around 1-2 hours to reach there via Poud road.

How we can reach there

If you are using your own vehicle whether it is a car or bike. you will reach there in just 1 hour. if you have a plan to rent a taxi then it cost you around 600 to 1000 rupees. If you are using public transport like the bus then you will have to change the ride one time. you will get the bus from Swargate which is the central bus station in Pune. after getting the bus, it will take you to Poud road which is the last point any bus will take you near the Tamhini ghat. then you will have to take a taxi. these both transport cost you at around 1000 rupees in total.

Tourist attractions

Tamhini waterfalls

This waterfall is the prime attraction for tourists who visit this ghat. this waterfall is also called Valse. Tourists enjoy the cascading waterfall swim in the naturally made pool under the Tamhini waterfall. Trekker trek this waterfall, people do a picnic in weekends.

Tamhini waterfalls
Tamhini waterfalls

Mulshi lake and Mulshi Dam

Mulshi Dam is known for its river rafting and its picnic spots. it is situated in Mulshi village. Aside from that, a backwater beneath of reservoir called Mulshi reservoir. You should try the thrilling river rafting experience if you love adventure or river rafting, for instance. these are the places where you can enjoy your weekends with your family, friends. Also, it is the best place for One day trip.

Andharban point

This point is a mesmerizing experience for hikers and trekkers. this route is popular in the adventurer’s community. Many streams, heights, waterfalls you can cover while hiking these routes. make sure you carry your hiking essentials with you.

Hotels and resorts in tamhini ghat

When you are planning to visit any place in the world. the accommodation is the most important thing if you have a stay of multiple days. Ghat has the facility of accommodation near the prime tourist attractions. Hotels and resorts provide the best services here. some of the best hotels and resorts are.

  • Residency lake resort and spa – 4 KM from spot.
  • Lakeview resort lavasa – 10 Km from spot
  • Lavasa holiday home -9.5 Km from the spot.

Tamhini Ghat is a mixture of adventure and beauty. The people who are looking for some thriller experience then they can go with the hike trails, camping, or trekking in the monsoon. river rafting, swimming is the measure activities the tourists also can do.

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