Sagareshwar Deer Park – Best 1 Day Trip Destination

sagareshwar deer park
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Sagareshwar Deer Park

Sagareshwar deer demesne is positioned at Deorashtre village in sangli quarter. This wildlife sanctuary is located on the banks of Krishna swash and at the meeting of three tehsils of Sangli quarter which are Palis Walava and Kadegaon.

History of Sagareshwar wildlife sanctuary

It’s India’s first and Maharashtra’s only artificial wild life sanctuary. Freedom fighters and nature nut Mr Dhondiram Mohite gave his life to plant trees over then. The government of India awarded him with the Indira Priyadarshini award by the chairman in 1994.
This defended area has area of 10 square kilometers. Sagareshwar deer demesne is named after a notorious lord Shiva tabernacle. This tabernacle is a bunch of nearly about 52 small tabernacles which are all from Satvahana period. And the main and big amongst them is Sagareshwar tabernacle.

Sagareshwar deer park widlife sanctuary
Deer at park

What’s so special about This park ?

Sagareshwar deer demesne is blessed by huge quantum of rains, the foggy atmosphere, cold breaths, thick timbers, water aqueducts flowing from the mountains. 100s of catcalls and the creatures like deer, mooses, chevrotain, reindeers and different types of monkeys. It’s especially notorious for deer. People say they have seen a wild leopard in the mountains of the sanctuary. One must visit the Sanctuary in showers to enjoy mama nature’s creativity. Sagareshwar deer demesne is a treat for all the nature suckers who are looking for a relaxing one day destination down from the megacity.

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