This Is Why Rangana Fort Is So Famous!

Rangana fort
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Rangana fort also known as Prasidha Gad is the most relatable example of natural and artificial architecture. What man can do if he decides to do something? this shows what can a man do. One of the best forts in Kolhapur, One of the most difficult forts to trek, 10 km of trekking in the forest with having a danger of wild animals, difficult terrains. These are some characteristics of this fort. The fort is surrounded by forest like it has its own empire of nature. Rangana was one of the most favorite forts of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. because of its strategic importance.

Forts’ height is 640 meters above sea level. it is situated in the area of 261 km. The streams and water bodies in between the route towards the fort make it so difficult to trek.

What Is The History of Rangana Fort

Vikramaditya the second Bhoj from the Shilahar dynasty built this fort in 940 AD. in 1470 Rangana was invaded successfully by Mohommad Gawan. After that, many dynasties like the Bahamani empire, Adilshahi invaded this fort. then with the help of Swarajyas official Rahuji Pandit Shivaji Maharaj captured is in 1659.

Raw clips of Rangana fort

Attractions on fort

  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Ranganai Devi Temple
  • Rangana Waterfall
  • Bandeshwar temple
  • Ganesh Darwaza
  • Hanmant Darwaza
  • Nimbalkar Wada
  • Persian inscription
  • Nimbalkar Bawdi
  • Mahadev Temple
  • Deepmal
  • Kokan Darwaza
  • Ganesha temple
  • Hatti Sond Machi
nature view from the fort
View from fort
Fogg on fort
Fogg on fort

How to reach Rangana fort

Rangana fort was a strategically important location for the Maratha empire. From this fort, you can easily check the access point from north to south. This fort is situated in Bhudar gad Taluka which is situated in the south of Kolhapur city. its location creates a boundary between Sindhudurg and Kolhapur district.

Also, This fort is a part of a Sahyadri Mountain Range. This makes it so difficult to reach the fort or trek the fort. We can reach from two sides of the fort One from Kudal village side and the other is from Patgaon village. But most tourists use the way from Patgaon because it is simple to trek.

Cannon on rangana fort
IMG 20211029 WA0002 -
Front view of the fort

Patgaon distance from Kolhapur is around 83 Km. when you reach Kolhapur, you have to go Gargoti which is obviously en route, then you reach the Patgaon. Apart from that, if you are choosing public transport like buses, then buses are also available to patgaon from Gargoti or Kolhapur, for instance.

From Patgaon, there’s a route to the Tambewadi. In this way, you will see the beauty of the Ghat called Hanmanta ghat. this Ghat is 9 km long between these two villages i.e. Patgaon to Tambewadi. The route is not good for driving. You can just use the walkway to reach the fort from the village. but before starting trekking, you should ask villagers for the actual route towards the fort. The reason behind this is the walkway goes from between dense forests. and there’s a presence of wild animals in the forest.

This forested route is a real adventure for trekkers, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. this trek is full of valleys, streams, and wildlife. and it is worth it to our efforts. after that, you have to do 1 to 2 km further trekking towards the entrance of Rangana fort. You can also use your personal bikes or cars through the forest, on other hand, there are jeep services for tourists, these are probably private. but trekking is the most favorite option we can suggest if you want to explore a real Rangana fort.

beautiful lake on rangana fort
beautiful lake on fort

Kudal to Rangana fort distance

The distance from Kudal to Rangana fort is around 21 km. Kudal is the nearest railway station from Rangana fort. But from it is difficult to reach the fort. The nearest airport is Kolhapur Airport.

IMG 20211029 WA0007 1 -
trekking in forest

Where to stay

An accommodation facility is not available on the fort, you can go camping and enjoy the night sky from the fort. accommodation is available at Patgaon and Kudal or the nearest villages, for instance. it can cost you around 300 rs to 500 rs per day. also, food costs you around 100 rs.

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