Kopeshwar Temple – Mesmerizing Background Of the Khidrapur temple

Khidrapur kopeshwar temple
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Where The Khidrapur temple Is Located

This beautiful khidrapur temple is located in Shirol taluka of Kolhapur district. Khidrapur is also known as a Khajuraho of Maharashtra because of its ancient architecture. This ancient temple is situated on the bank of the Krishna river. This temple is located 60 to 65 km East of Kolhapur and around 20 km south of the Nrusiha wadi. Formerly the name of this temple was Kopad or Kopamm. It was renamed Khidrapur during the reign of Khiddarkhan.

Swarga Mandapa Kopeshwar temple

This temple has 48 pillars, 3 doors. There are about 92 statues of Elephants around this temple, it is called Gajpatta. There are about 12 Shilalekhs around the temple. It shows how famous the temple was at that time. And this Shilalekh also gives a little information about the history of the temple.

Who built The Kopeshwar temple:-

The construction of this temple was started by Pulakeshi 2, ( The Chalukya king of Badami ) in the 11th century. In the battle of Chalukya and Pallava, Chalukya king Pulakesh 2 was killed by Pallava King Narasimha Verman, and construction of this temple was stopped.

The temple was later built in 1214 AD during the reign of King Singhandev. In the 17th century, Mughal King Aurangzeb attacked and vandalized this beautiful temple, after which this temple was attacked a lot. Even after so many attacks, the beauty of this temple is worth seeing.

The mythology behind The Kopeshwar temple

There are 2 lings in this Kopeshwar temple. Kopeshwar ( कोपेश्वर ) and Dhupeshwar ( धुळे धुपेश्वर ). Kop ( कोप ) means anger and Ishwar ( ईश्वर ) means God.

Kopeshwar means angry God. There is a story behind this. Daksh, the father of Sati, had organized a big Yagn in Yadur ( Yadur is the village placed at 14 km from Khidrapur ) and did not invite Lord Shankar to that Yagn, but still, Sati went to that Yagna with Nandi. Lord Shiva was angry because Daksh insulted Sati in front of all the guests. And so lord Shri Vishnu came here to calm him down and he became known as Dhupeshwar.

So the temple has 2 Lingas 1 Kopeshwar and another is Dhupeshwar. It is the only lord Shankara’s temple in Maharashtra which does not have Nandi. And in Yadur there is Nandi’s temple which is facing west and the Kopeshwar temple is facing east.

The huge architecture of the khidrapur temple
The huge structure of the temple

How to reach :-

Kolhapur Airport is 56 km from khidrapur. If you want to take a taxi to Khidrapur from there, you have to pay Rs 610 to 790. There is not a single railway station near khidrapur. Jaysingpur railway station is about 30 km away from khidrapur. If you have to go by train, you have to catch the Jaysingpur train from Kolhapur. f

The ticket is Rs.45. And from there you have to take a bus to Nrusiha wadi and then take a taxi from there. There is no proper facility to get there. Either you have to take a private taxi or you can come to Nrusiha wadi and take a taxi from there.

Where to stay in khidrapur :-

Since khidrapur is a simple village there is no facility to stay there but there is a Nrusiha wadi temple about 20km from there we can stay there. The advantage of staying there is that you can also visit Lord Datta temple in Nrusiha wadi. There are many hotels available in Nrusiha wadi, prices ranging from Rs 700 to Rs 5000. The price of hotels depends on many factors like AC / Non AC, wifi availability

When to visit the temple :-

The beauty of the temple is so much that it will look just as attractive whenever you visit it. If you are interested in the environment around the temple, visit the two seasons of monsoon (June – September ) and winter ( October – January ). Because of the agriculture here and the green environment here, you will enjoy your trip even more. This beautiful temple is open from 7 am to 6 pm so Preferably you visit at this time.

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