Kabul Airport blasts- A Big Blunder of US PRESIDENT

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Two blasts happened at Kabul Airport. If you are following Afghanistan news then you should know that the number of US troops has been decreased since Joe Biden has made the promise to evacuate all the forces of the USA from Afghanistan. As a result, the Taliban have already captured Kabul which is the capital of Afghanistan.

kabul airport blasts
Kabul airport blasts

Situation at Kabul airport –

People from various countries who went there for travel have already been evacuated by their respective countries. Similarly, because of the fear of the Taliban, the Citizens of Afghanistan also trying to escape to other countries.

As a result, there are so many people gathered and trying to get inside the Kabul airport [ Hamid Karzai International Airport ]. The US Troops and NATO troops are there to handle the situation inside the Kabul airport. But there is something most people don’t know that the Taliban and the USA have a deal of how the evacuation process will happen.

crowd at kabul airport
The crowd at Kabul airport

The Evacuation deal

  • US and NATO troops has to stay inside the Kabul airport.
  • Taliban will take the responsibility of security of Kabul airport from outside.

Taliban took press conference on that day and said that the Taliban will make sure that no terrorist attack will happen. and after few minutes two big explosions were conducted. ISIS has taken the responsibility for these bomb blasts. total 85 people were killed in these blasts. many more were injured too. 13 US troops were killed of which 11 were marines.

It is a big loss for the US. According to various think tanks, it’s happening because of the decisions of Biden’s presidency. The US is planning to pull out till the date of 31st August. As a result, forces are forced to move recklessly.

US response on this incidence –

us soldier with kids
US soldier with kids

After the attacks, US president Biden has ordered the pentagon for strikes. To plan how the bombings should conduct on ISIS-K [ ISLAMIC STATE KHURASAN ] to neutralize them. It was suicide bombers attack.

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