Afghanistan – The Graveyard of 3 Great empires

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The name Afghanistan means the place for Afghans. The official name of this country is the Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan. It’s a landlocked country. Afghanistan shares its boundary with a total of six countries. Pakistan to the southeast, Iran to the south. Similarly, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan at the north, and in the end China at the northeast. the first reference of this country’s name was in the 9th century.

Afghanistan is the most important country in Central Asia from a strategic perspective. So many superpowers tried to invade this country for their interests, USSR, Britain, USA. For instance. Above all, there is so much instability in this region that forms a hostile atmosphere from previous decades because of many terrorist groups. As a result, the country is the most dangerous country to travel according to the UN world travel safety index report.

map of Afghanistan
provinces of Afghanistan

Ethnicities in Afghanistan-

The present-day borders of Afghanistan are not the same as they were historical. As a result, so many ethnic groups are divided between the international borders of Afghanistan and other countries. there are Pashtuns, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Tajiks, For instance. In addition, there are warlords culture appears which distributed Afghani people in small groups in various areas. people follow the Islam religion here. Similarly, there are minorities like SIKH, HINDU. This country is underdeveloped, economically so poor. because of poverty the infrastructure and all the facilities are not available everywhere. As a result, people stay with their traditional business and survive.


Why this country is not safe for foreigners

Afghanistan has always been in a place of conflicts and wars because of its strategic location. In addition, there are so much extremism and terrorism all over the country. Above all, foreign invasions made this country brutal to live in. some terrorist organizations have their bases in Afghanistan. These groups don’t understand the importance of tourism for a particular country. they make it so dangerous to travel around the country. But there are some places like Kabul which is the capital of Afghanistan, Kandahar, Herat, and other few places where you can travel safely.

Some places you must visit-

SO many historic places still exist but not in good condition. some still remain in good condition, these places are as follows.

Buddha of Bamyan

Minaret of Jam

Band-e-Amir National Park

The National Museum

Babur Garden

Herat Citadel

Darul Aman Palace


Naw Shakh

But the present condition of this country is so hostile as this blog published. The terrorist group Taliban has controlled the whole country. as a result, all the consulates and embassies of other countries have already gone to their respected countries. So you don’t have any access to the country except if you are Chinese or Russian citizen. also, this is not the right time to go there and travel. A situation of civil war could happen in-country

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