Camping – Things To know About Camping

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Camping has always been an evergreen idea for travelers. However, the camping trends are changing nowadays. So many new ideas are appearing now. but the basic concepts never changed. Firstly, we will see 10 Camping Tips for those who are eager to camping.

The girl with the map while camping
The girl with the map in her Tent

1] Why we need Camping?

Its a Scientifically proven that Travel makes you healthy. For instance, It gives you an instant boost in vitamin D, it gives you peace. As a result, it directly affects your stress positively because it reduces your stress.

Traveling with someone makes the bond better between you and them. We have already forgotten the value of nature. Nature has its own ability to gives you peace. If you are going into deep nature, you will observe the simplicity of nature.

It helps you to improve your memory. Apart from that, it requires physical activity. In this world of technology, we avoid exercise, so in hiking or trekking, there is no option of avoiding exercise. More exercise requires when finding a good place for a tent and campfire. Finding food for survival is the most exciting and interesting exercise. Collecting wood for a campfire has required skills.

Person having tea before campfire [ camping ]
Having Tea feels so peaceful after doing all the hard work

2] Type of camping

Basically, all the types are the same if you are setting a camp. But, there are so many ways you can do set your camps while traveling. Some of them are for solo and some of them are in a team too.

  • Tent camping – Its like another home in surrounding of nature. its a traditional way for overnight stay.
  • Canoe Paddling – Canoe paddling is also getting popular and its trending in the travelers who travel in the groups.
  • Car camping – Instead of a tent people set their camps in their cars. they modify their cars as such all the stuff fits perfectly.
  • Glamping – Its a perfect combination of nature and luxurious life. Its getting more and more popular.
  • History camping – This is the closest thing to the real camping style of our ancestors. it does not allow to use modern travel gear for survival.
  • Backyard camping – People enjoy their on day or two day weekends with their kids doing campfire and setting camps in backyard.

3] How to Choose Best Campsite for set up camps

  • Choosing Best campsites is most important thing in stay away from home in nature. To avoid all the problems in between your vacations, you should get precautions of everything.
  • Firstly, check the whole Campsite where you are planning to set your camps
  • If its a wild life area, you should have your Travel gear with yourself. Apart from that You should have a forest guide or have a knowledge of Forest camping.
  • Your campsite has to be on high surface from the ground. it prevents you from any Wild animals.
  • Water resource should be near from the campsite. But at a fair distance so the water will not enter in your tents when it rains.
  • you have to specify the toilet area and it should be far away from the campsite.

4] Best camping Friendly Countries

  • Zen National Park, Utah, United States of America.
  • Vancouver Island, British Colombia.
  • Sahara desert, African continent.
  • Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.
  • Haleakala national park Hawaii
  • Miyajima, Japan.
  • Lake district National Park, England.
  • Ladakh, India

5] Some Of the best Equipment for your Journey

There is the equipment we recommend for your safety and also to ensure the enjoyment of your journey. These will surely help you in solving problems so easily.

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Whole set for survival
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Tactical Flashlight
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Camping equipment

If you are more interested in information about purchasing this equipment. Click on Hiking Essentials

And In conclusion, if you find this information useful for you then please share and comment below for feedback.

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